Pilates for Golf

Learn the secrets of Golf Fitness Training and discover tomchow Pilates can benefit your golf experience, by developing your “core” to provide a more consistent and powerful swing.

Prepare for the your best golf season ever. You’ll improve alignment, core strength, flexibility, coordination, posture and range of motion. In addition, you’ll learn warm ups for the driving range, pre-round stretches and more. If you would like to attend this class, please attend a minimum of one Pilates Foundation class or one private lesson.

Tom’s Bio: Tom Chicovsky played golf professionally beginning in 1989 and became a teaching pro in 1994. He has co- author of two golf books. Tom spent five seasons traveling in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland teaching members of the Scandinavian PGA’s. In addition, Tom has 10 years of Pilates training, and has worked with 15 touring professionals.

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