Pilates for Skiing

“I had my grandson here for a spring break holiday and took him for a ski/ride school last weekend. He is 9 and has been eager to learn snowboarding since he was five. Since I was up there I decided to try downhill skiing for the first time since 1986. I took a lesson on Saturday and Sunday. My pilates really kicked in for me. I was able to “stir from my hip” to move my ski and I used my breathing, focused on my core — everything worked for me. I was paralleling green runs all weekend. The best part is that I was not sore or physically impaired in any way! I skied a total of 5 hours each day and no physical complaints. I was amazed at my body. I know this is totally due to your training. This was the first time I have really challenged my body since I started pilates. I have decided that I will resume downhill skiing — a sport that I assumed I would not be able to really enjoy again. You and your staff are truly amazing. Thanks so much for working with me!!!!”
Carol Clark


Read Lauri’s article in the October 2009 issue of Cross Country Skier Magazine and learn how Pilates can improve your cross country skiing.

Did you know that Pilates is perhaps the most perfect cross-training for skiing. Just ask Evergreen Pilates owner Lauri Stricker. She’s written a book, Pilates for the Outdoor Athlete (Fulcrum, March 2007) that devotes an entire chapter to helping skiers and snowboarders. Following is an exerpt from her book.

By balancing muscles, improving flexibility and balance, you can not only prevent common injuries but also improve your downhill performance enabling you to ski longer with less time in the warming hut. If you spend any time in the back bowels of Vail, Colorado where moguls become monsters, you’ll appreciate the additional core strength gained from Pilates. Skiers and boarders recruit power from the hips and core. Skiers rely on a lateral side-to-side hip movement to access the inside and outside edge of the ski. Boarders rely on tipping their hips forward and back to access the toe-side and heel-side edge. In addition, boarders use more rotational movement to change directions. Tapping into a strong core, you’ll improve your balance, agility, and be more in control. Integrating core strength into your edging, you’ll transfer a powerful line of energy to your skis or board. By tightening your core, you’ll reduce impact on your back, hips, and knees. Since core strength improves balance you may also find yourself falling less. Being agile and adaptable at high speeds, changing snow conditions, varying steepness of runs, and obstacles such as trees, moguls, and people is common to skiers and boarders alike. As you improve your alignment and core strength your movements become energy efficient, minimize wear and tear on your joints, and more enjoyable. By practicing Pilates you may find yourself adapting better to challenging terrain and falling less. You’ll be more in tune with your body, know your limits, and enjoy your season. Before diving into the Pilates for Skiers & Boarders routines, it will benefit you in your quest for fitness and longevity to address common overuse injuries, and the training needs of skiers and boarders.

To effectively implement Pilates into your cross-training, please check out my book: Pilates for the Outdoor Athlete , Fulcrum 2007.

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