Monthly Archives: December 2012

The Perfect Pilates Gift

Axis Mini Roller & Stretch Thera-Band The Perfect Pilates Gift! Roll away stress and lengthen your hamstrings anywhere, anytime.   Measuring 12” x 6”, the Silver Axis Mini Foam Roller, and 4’ Stretch Thera-Band is the perfect travel companion for anyone on the go.   $19.00 Quantities limited.  Evergreen Pilates On-Line Store

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Gluten & Dairy-free Cheer!

I can’t resist sharing with you the menu for tomorrow’s Holiday Gathering at Evergreen Pilates. Please join us and sample the following gluten and dairy-free Cheer! Everything is organic, and purchased locally from my very favorite Natural Grocers. In case you’re tempted to recreate a few at home, I’ve included the recipes below. Organic Cocoa-Coconut [Read More…]…

Exercise with a Smile!

Core strength, muscle balance and flexibility are the tenets of Pilates. We spend countless hours strengthening our abdominals and stretching our hamstrings, yet the health of our hands goes unnoticed.  We depend on our hands to type, text, tie, button, groom, eat, and communicate.  Too much work or too little, and our hands become achey [Read More…]…