The Movement Habit of Posture

“The seed of every habit is a single tiny decision.            – James Clear, Atomic Habits

Clear says that one of the most effective ways to build a new habit is by building “identity-based habits.  This month, I’d like to plant the tiny seed and suggest we choose to be the kind of people with excellent posture.

Follow these tips and let your new, taller identity take root. 

  1. Distribute your weight evenly and point your knees and toes forward.
  2. Legs are straight, yet the knees are soft.  
  3. Level your hips and maintain the natural curves in your spine.  
  4. The ribs are soft and recede naturally into your chest, yet your chest is open.
  5. Shoulders are down and gently back, and your arms hang easily with your palms facing your thighs.  
  6. The back of your neck is lengthened, and the chin is slightly heavy yet level.
  7. The crow of your head floats up as if a stranger were pulling it up.  

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