Is Virtual Reformer Real?

A client recently asked me, “How do I perform my favorite Pilates exercises at home when I don’t have a Reformer? Great question! You do it by adding what we call “Prop Magic” to your virtual class. Using a foam roller, a stretch band, and a ball, we transform an otherwise flat mat routine into an engaging and effective Pilates lesson.

If you’ve never done a virtual class, you can purchase your own “Prop Magic” from us on-line, set up a little space in your home about the size of a Reformer (3’x7′) and schedule a test call with us to help you get started.

Virtual lessons do more than strengthen and stretch you. They provide feedback, support, and loving encouragement. Virtual sessions are MAGIC!

So Lauri, if you’re missing your Pilates, join us for the magic of virtual! We’d love to see you!

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