Pilates, like Tesla, not your average sports car.

How is your Pilates practice going? Have we seen you at the studio, or are you enjoying “take-out” virtual Pilates in your living room? What, you haven’t done either in a while? If this is true, all you need to know is that WE MISS YOU, and I’ll bet your core is missing us too!

Did you know that Pilates studios are considered “boutique” fitness”? Meaning we are custom, and appeal to a certain kind of person. Kind of like Tesla, we’re not your average sports car. We don’t need to rev people up and make them sweat and pant to be effective. Nope. Instead, we guide clients through smooth and intentional movements designed to balance the body. Don’t tell anyone, but at its “core,” Pilates is a body, mind, spirit practice. One day after a lesson, you know it’s true because you feel the difference.

If you can’t come to the studio, we’ll come to you. Seven days a week, we stream private and group Pilates classes. Feel skeptical? Take a test drive with us. Send me an email and we can set up a demo. Our commitment to you has not changed. You are part of our community, and we love you!



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