Puppy-lates & Kitty-lates

This week I joined in on a couple of classes at the studio. I kid you not when I say I felt like I was at the studio taking a real live class as usual. The teaches did their thing, offering inspiring demos, spot-on cues, specific personal corrections, and lots of encouragement. I saw familiar faces and smiles, heard the usual laughs, and felt my abs fire up as I busted out exercises I haven’t done in 5 weeks. Yes, I felt like I was at the studio until every so often someone’s dog would lope across the room, climb on top of the owner, lick their face, and then be gone. Or a cat (I won’t mention names) would prance across its owner’s laptop, “purrfectly” obscuring the screen with its furry body. Puppy-lates and kitty-lates is hilarious! Think about it, for the first time; you can take LIVE class and have your pets with you! And while we’re at it – you can have your kids! Is it just me, or is there something adorable about seeing my 8-year-old son pumping his little arms and lungs while doing the Hundred? When you take a class with me, my third grader is bound to make a cameo appearance sometime in the workout.

I’ve had a lot of people thank me for the virtual classes and ask if we’ll continue once we reopen. The answer is YES! Virtual classes are fun; they are effective and super convenient. I’ve seen people exercising on their decks, living rooms, bedrooms, lofts, and even bathrooms. You get to exercise where ever your heart desires and have your pets and kids too! If you’ve not tried a virtual class yet, we’re offering $10 off your first lesson. Give it a try. Connect with us. And don’t worry, you can choose to be seen or to be invisible. When’s the last time you could do that anywhere? Just another perk of taking a virtual class.

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